Wednesday, March 21, 2018

  • Wednesday, March 21, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon
I had missed this video on the Fatah Facebook page posted last week.

It is a boring video showing mass murderer Dalal Mughrabi, who led a team that killed 12 children and 25 adults, interspersed with photos of the destroyed bus she hijacked and Yasser Arafat.

Palestinian Media Watch translated another Mughrabi video posted by Fatah on March 11.

We've talked about this many times before, but it is hard to imagine a more obvious example of how Palestinians in general, and Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party in particular, actively support and encourage terror.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

From Ian:

Ambassador Friedman to Jerusalem Antisemitism Conference: The ‘New’ Antisemitism Worries Me More Than the Old
US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman told a packed house at the opening of the 6th Global Forum on Combating Antisemitism that a “new” antisemitism, characterized by “the irrational, deceitful, and insidious vilification of Israel and its supporters under the guise of political commentary” worries him far more than the “old” antisemitism.

Friedman spoke on behalf of President Donald Trump and his administration at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, telling the audience that “combating” antisemitism is “the right verb.”

“Usually when we speak about efforts to end a disease—and make no mistake about it, antisemitism is a disease, it is a virulent disease—we speak about eradicating it,” he said. “But we don’t speak about eradicating antisemitism and I think that’s probably the right approach. Eradication is probably a bridge too far.”

Citing the passage in the Passover Haggadah that states “in every generation they rise up against us,” Friedman noted, “The authors of the Haggadah did not see antisemitism as capable of being eradicated some 2,000 years ago. And regrettably, today, neither do I. … But combating it is something we can do. It is a sacred responsibility we inherited from our parents and something we must leave to our children.”

Friedman, however, sought to differentiate between what he called the “old” antisemitism and the “new.”

Recounting how the American town of Bal Harbour once barred Jewish residents, Friedman said, “I wish I could say the old antisemitism is a thing of the past,” but “with the internet, the old antisemitism has a distribution channel that the old antisemites … could only have dreamed of. … I worry about the old antisemitism, but I never doubt that we will prevail in our fight against it.”

This “old” antisemitism, however, has been superseded. “The new antisemitism worries me a bit more,” Friedman said. “It is the irrational, deceitful, and insidious vilification of Israel and its supporters under the guise of political commentary. It is just a cleverly repackaged form of hatred against the Jewish people.”

Friedman also asserted that this new antisemitism is acceptable in polite society in a way the old antisemitism is not.
Dershowitz Slams Cynthia Nixon as ‘Anti-Israel’ Candidate in New York Governor’s Race
Attorney and commentator Alan Dershowitz tore into actress and liberal activist Cynthia Nixon on Twitter as an anti-Israel bigot, before and after she officially launched her bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in New York.

Before Nixon made her long-rumored announcement, Dershowitz wrote, "Cynthia Nixon may run for Gov of NY. She has collaborated with Israel haters Jewish Voice for Peace and Vanessa Redgrave in boycotting Israel. Do not support her bigotry."

Nixon made her official announcement to run on Monday, in a video proclaiming her love of New York and desire to work on issues like health care, the subway system and mass incarceration. Dershowitz said the responses to his initial tweet proved his point, writing, "If you're anti-Israel, Nixon's your candidate."

According to The Times of Israel, she signed a letter in 2010 supporting Israeli artists who pledged not to perform in the Israeli West Bank settlement of Ariel.

  • Tuesday, March 20, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon
Gisha, the Israeli NGO that blames Israel for all of Gaza's problems, released last year a Palestinian version of the Willy Wonka story in which the child's dreams are almost crushed by the evil Israeli enemy.

The idea that Palestinian infighting, Egyptian closure of Rafah or Hamas terrorism has anything to do with the reality in Gaza today is not to be seen or heard. No, it is only Israel, for purely arbitrary and evil reasons, that decides to cruelly starve and destroy Gaza.

Gisha used to never mention anything about Hamas restricting movement in Gaza until I shamed them into reluctantly admitting that, yes, sometimes Palestinians hurt themselves. The NGO's anti-Israel propaganda has been consistent and grossly unfair for years. When their own statistics started contradicting their anti-Israel claims - they simply removed the statistics from their homepage.

Now they are brainwashing children to hate Israel as well.

And they get millions from the EU to do this anti-Israel incitement and propaganda aimed at kids.

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  • Tuesday, March 20, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon
The Washington Post. The Forward. Peter Beinart in The Atlantic. All of them are giving the same message: Trump's pick for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is, in the words of Jane Eisner, "an anti-Muslim bigot."

Actual evidence is scarce. The major smoking gun that the critics point to is that Pompeo is "associated" with Frank Gaffney and Brigitte Gabriel, in the sense that he has spoken on Gaffney's radio show and at conferences that they also spoke at. Then the articles go on and describe how awful Gaffney and Gabriel supposedly are, which is an easier task than saying Pompeo is a bigot.

Because he isn't.

The same amount of effort to uncover Pompeo's supposed bigotry clearly bypassed any contrary evidence. Like this 2015 article in the Wichita Eagle:
Just back from a fact-finding trip to the Middle East, Rep. Mike Pompeo cautioned Friday against equating Islam with terrorism.

In a speech to the Republican Pachyderm Club, Pompeo drew a bright line between the religion of Islam and Islamic-toned extremism practiced by terrorist groups such as ISIS, which was behind the recent deadly attacks in Paris and Beirut.

“You don’t find many Thomas Jeffersons over there,” Pompeo said. “Once you accept that … the line needs to be drawn between those who are on the side of extremism and those who are fighting against them, of whatever faith we may find them.”

There are many Muslims of good will and despise this extremism as much as anyone of any other faith,” Pompeo said after the Pachyderm luncheon meeting.

Pompeo said 11 days ago, he was in the Bekaa Valley in east Lebanon, near the border of war-torn Syria.

He said he met with refugees who fled the fighting and leaders of Muslim and Christian factions fighting against ISIS.

Pompeo said he’s not opposed to settling Muslim refugees in the United States. But he has deep security concerns over the quality of information that can be found to separate legitimate refugees from ISIS agents who might pose as displaced persons to get into the United States and carry out terrorist attacks.
This is a nuanced, reasonable position.

Exactly the opposite of how the media is representing him.

It is irresponsible to paint Pompeo as a bigot without bothering to quote his statements about Muslims that are anything but bigoted. It shows that the media is not telling the truth but obscuring it.

These articles aren't disagreeing with Pompeo. They are demonizing him deliberately so that there isn't any debate. It is the opposite of what the media is supposed to be doing. And it is sickening.

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From Ian:

MEMRI: Palestinian Authority Schoolbooks For 2017-18: Increased Indoctrination To Jihad And Martyrdom

In July 2017, the Palestinian Authority (PA) schoolbooks for the 2017-18 school year were published. Some of the books are new, and some remained unchanged. An examination of the middle-school books for Islamic Education, some of which have been replaced, shows a significant increase in focus on the early Islamic tenets of shahada (martyrdom), fidaa (self-sacrifice) and tadhiya (sacrifice) as part of jihad for the sake of Allah, and their modern manifestations as part of the Palestinian struggle against Israel.

The books present the historic context of these tenets, portraying jihad, shahada, fidaa and tadhiya as acts that that brought the Muslims victory over their enemies in the early days of Islam.[1] The texts include descriptions of the rewards in the world to come, as promised by Allah to Muslims who carry them out. To this end, the books quote Quranic verses and traditions from collections of hadiths that set out these rewards. However, the study material does not present only historical context. The conclusions of the chapters discussing fidaa and tadhiya ask pupils to give examples of them both from the time of the Prophet Muhammad and from contemporary times by Palestinians in the fight against Israel.

In addition to glorifying the sacrifice of life, the books also note other types of sacrifice, such as of property, time, and effort. In a few places, the books also mention aspects of religious tolerance in Islamic tradition.

The books note that PA Education Minister Sabri Saidam is the head of the PA curricula planning committee, and that their content is approved by Religious Endowments Minister Yousuf Ida'is.

This report will review the values of jihad, shahada, fidaa and tadhiya, and the aspects of religious tolerance in Islam, as they appear in the new Palestinian schoolbooks for Islamic Education for the middle-school grades.[2]

Encouraging Jihad And Shahada By Showing The Rewards Promised To The Shahid (Martyr) In The World To Come In The Quran And Hadith

How Much Do the Palestinians Pay for Terror?
The Washington Post's Fact Checker column by Glenn Kessler casts doubt on the veracity of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claim that PA leader Mahmoud Abbas and his government pay $350 million a year to terrorists, in addition to their dependents and survivors.

Kessler doesn't try to deny the plain facts about the Palestinian budget, which pours vast sums into payment to those jailed for terrorism and to their families, as well as to the survivors of those who died while attempting to commit terrorism. But he does split hairs about the totals allocated, claiming that the PA probably spends much less than Netanyahu says they do.

The problem with Kessler's math is that it is rooted in his acceptance of Palestinian arguments that profess that most of those imprisoned for security offenses aren't really terrorists or that much of the money doled out is for welfare, as opposed to a bounty paid for mayhem. Kessler tries to sell us on the notion that Palestinian security prisoners are not really terrorists; therefore, not all payments to them and their families should be counted towards the $350 million.

Many of those he says are "non-terrorists" or "merely children" were caught throwing rocks. That may sound harmless. But the actions of an American teen, for example, caught throwing rocks at passing vehicles in such a manner as to cause accidents that result in serious injuries or fatalities wouldn't be classified as harmless fun or an expression of a political opinion. It would be treated as a serious crime, and those responsible would likely be tried as adults. That's why the total number of terrorists Israel claims get salaries from the PA is genuine.

While Kessler is willing to accept that a mass murderer involved in slaughtering a family or blowing up a bus or a cafe shouldn't get a pension, the thousands of others who have sought to kill, maim and injure Israelis in less spectacular ways are just as guilty of terrorism.

The Taylor Force Act is an important piece of leverage that can help remind the Palestinians that the world is tired of their rejectionism and violence.
Taylor Force Act Hits Snag in Senate, as Pro-Israel Groups Urge Passage
Amid never-ending speculation over the release of President Donald Trump’s anticipated Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, a major piece of legislation making its way through Congress may have a profound impact on the already strained ties between the United States and the Palestinians.

The Taylor Force Act — named for a 28-year-old former US serviceman murdered in March 2016 while visiting Israel — seeks to cut off US aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) over its payments to convicted terrorists and their families. However, after steady momentum late last year — including passage in the House of Representatives — the legislation has hit a snag in the Senate.

“A version of the Taylor Force Act passed the US House of Representatives unanimously,” Michael Makovsky, the president and CEO of JINSA, a pro-Israel think tank that has been lobbying for the bill, told JNS. “Apparently, Senate Democrats are more favorable to that legislation, but the Senate Republican bill has fewer exemptions.”

At the same time, while some may support the idea of holding the Palestinians accountable for paying terrorists or the families of terrorists killed in an attack, there is some hesitation that cutting off US funding would destabilize the PA, leading to its possible collapse and replacement in the West Bank with terror groups like Hamas.

Pastor John Hagee, founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel, one of the largest pro-Israel organizations in America — with four million members, told JNS that the Palestinian “‘pay to slay’ policy must end now.”

Today, we regularly hear about tensions on the Temple Mount, where either the Waqf or other Muslims accuse Jews of violating the "permission" granted to Jews by the Arabs to go to the Mount by praying there.

Historically, though, Jews have prayed on the Temple Mount after the destruction of the Second Temple -- including when the area was under Muslim control.

In an article, The Mounting Problem of Temple Denial, David Barnett writes that denial of the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount by Palestinian Arabs makes no sense, considering the fact that classical Islamic literature clearly recognizes the existence of the Jewish Temple and its importance to Judaism:

  • Sura 17:1 of the Koran, the “Farthest Mosque” is called the al-masjid al-Aqsa.
  • The Tafsir al-Jalalayn, a well-respected Sunni exegesis of the Koran from the 15th and 16th centuries, notes that the “Farthest Mosque” is a reference to the Bayt al-Maqdis of Jerusalem (nearly identical to the Hebrew "Beyt Ha-Miqdash")
  • In the commentary of Abdullah Ibn Omar al-Baydawi, who authored several prominent theological works in the 13th century, the masjid is referred to as the Bayt al-Maqdis because during Muhammad’s time no mosque existed in Jerusalem.
  • Koranic historian and commentator, Abu Jafar Muhammad al-Tabari, who chronicled the seventh century Muslim conquest of Jerusalem, wrote that one day when Omar finished praying, he went to the place where “the Romans buried the Temple [bayt al-maqdis] at the time of the sons of Israel.”
  • Eleventh century historian Muhammad Ibn Ahmad al-Maqdisi and fourteenth century Iranian religious scholar Hamdallah al-Mustawfi acknowledged that the al-Aqsa Mosque was built on top of Solomon’s Temple.

So it is not surprising that historically, Jews have been granted access to the Temple Mount by the Muslim rulers of the time to not only ascend to the Temple Mount, but also to pray there.

In his Jerusalem: The Biography, Simon Sebag Montefiore writes
Jews, many of them from Iran and Iraq, settled in the Holy City, living together south of the Temple Mount, retaining the privilege of praying on (and maintaining) the Temple Mount. But in about 720, after almost a century of freedom to pray there, the new Caliph Omar II, who was, unusually in this decadent dynasty, an ascetic stickler for Islamic orthodoxy, banned Jewish worship--and this prohibition would stand for the rest of Islamic rule. p. 195
The source for this is the book Jerusalem: The Holy City in the Eyes of Chroniclers, Visitors, Pilgrims and Prophets from the Days of Abraham to the Beginning of Modern F. E. Peters. Peters quotes Salman ben Yeruham, a Karaite writing in about 950.

Peters goes on to write that this would have been during the earliest days of the Muslim occupation, probably before the construction of the Dome of the Rock by Abd al-Malik and the consecration of the Temple Mount as the "Noble Sanctuary." According to Peters, the construction of the Dome would have changed the nature of the area.

F.M. Loewenberg, in an article on the Middle East Forum website, Did Jews Abandon the Temple Mount? goes further. He writes that 50 years after Omar had conquered Jerusalem in 680, a struggle broke out with a rebel dynasty in Mecca. In order to damage the Meccan economy, the Umayyads decided to build a competing pilgrimage site in Jerusalem to siphon off Mecca's revenue. That was accomplished with the building of the Dome of the Rock:
Thus, a political strategy designed to fight mutineers in far-off Mecca transformed Jerusalem's Temple Mount into a Muslim holy site with far-reaching implications to this day.
As Sebag Montefiore writes in explaining the 40 year silence of the Muslim world when the Arabs lost Jerusalem during the Crusades, "as so often in Jerusalem's history, religious fervour was inspired by political necessity."

But according to Lowenberg, this in itself did not put an end to Jewish access to the Temple Mount. Basing himself on the same Salman ben Yeruham, he writes
Soon after the Muslim conquest, Jews received permission to build a synagogue on the Temple Mount. Perhaps the wooden structure that was built over the Foundation Stone was first intended for a synagogue, but even before it was completed, the site was expropriated by the city's rulers [as the site for the Dome of the Rock]. The Jews received another site on the mount for a synagogue in compensation for the expropriated building. Most probably there was an active synagogue on the Temple Mount during most of the early Muslim period. [emphasis added]
After the Fatimids conquered Jerusalem in 969, a Temple Mount synagogue was rebuilt and used -- until the Jews were then banished by Caliph al-Hakim in 1015. That decree was rescinded by a later ruler and Jews were again allowed to worship there until the conquest of Jerusalem by the Crusaders.

But even then, Jews were able to go up to the Temple Mount. The Rambam wrote in a letter in 1165 that he "entered the Great and Holy House [and] prayed there."

Portrait of The Rambam. Public domain

The Jewish traveler, Benjamin of Tudela, visited Jerusalem between 1159 and 1172, and writes there were Jews praying "in front of the Western Wall [of the Dome of the Rock], one of the [remaining] walls of what was once the Holy of Holies." Loewenberg notes that the Western Wall described by Benjamin of Tudela could not be the current Western Wall because it did not become a site for prayer until the sixteenth century, but instead the reference is to the ruins of the western wall of the Second Temple building on the Temple Mount.

Even after Saladin captured Jerusalem back from the Crusaders in 1187, and even though the Temple Mount was re-consecrated as a Muslim sanctuary, Saladin still allowed Jews access not only to Jerusalem, but also to worship on the Temple Mount. Later, though, Saladin forbade Jews from praying there. From the late thirteenth to the mid-nineteenth century, the Temple Mount was basically off-limits to Jews, though occasionally they were allowed access.

The chief rabbi of Jerusalem, David ben Shlomo Ibn Zimra (Radbaz, 1479-1573) wrote that the city's Jews regularly went to the Temple Mount in order to view the entire temple ruins and pray there and that "we have not heard or seen anyone object to this."

After the Ottoman conquest of Jerusalem in 1516, Sultan Suleiman I encouraged European Jews, especially those expelled from Spain and Portugal a generation earlier, to resettle in Jerusalem. He instructed his court architect to prepare a special place for Jewish prayer in an alley at the bottom of the Western retaining wall of the Temple Mount in compensation for prohibiting all non-Muslims from entering any part of the Temple Mount. He issued a royal decree guaranteeing Jews the right to pray at this Western Wall for all time.

So much much for Jews not being allowed to pray on the Temple Mount under Muslim control. Halachic issues are one thing, but that Israel today allows the Arabs, who were defeated by Israel in 1967 when Jerusalem was reunified, to continue to have the power to dictate to Jews what they can and cannot do on the Temple Mount is mind boggling.

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  • Tuesday, March 20, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon

When is any reporter (besides Khaled Abu Toameh) going to mention that Mahmoud Abbas is delusional?

Here is the English press release from the Palestinian Authority news agency on Abbas' speech last night. It is simply insane.

President Mahmoud Abbas accused Hamas at the start of the leadership meeting in Ramallah on Monday of being responsible for the assassination attempt against Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and chief of intelligence Majid Faraj in Gaza last week, saying that he decided to take national, legal and financial measures to punish Hamas for its act.
Hamas has nothing at all to gain from assassinating Hamdallah. Almost certainly it was one of the other terror groups responsible for the attack.
President Abbas said he does not want to punish the Palestinian people, but he has to take action against Hamas, which rules Gaza and refuses to allow the Palestinian government to rule there.
"I have decided to take national, legal and financial measures to protect out national project," said the president. "We never thought of punishing any Palestinian citizen, not in the West Bank or Gaza. But we have to say where the wrong is and where the crime is. This situation is not acceptable."
When Abbas threatens to punish Hamas, he means to punish Gaza. Which means he is threatening to accelerate the inhumane things he did to Gazans over the past year - reduce electricity, food, fuel, medicine, salaries, social services. Hey, no "human rights" NGOs criticized him for what he did so far, and everyone blames Israel anyway, so there is no downside.
He accused Hamas of sabotaging all efforts for reconciliation, saying that either the Palestinian government takes full charge of everything in Gaza, or the de facto authority remains fully responsible for it.

He said he will not wait for Hamas' investigation into the assassination attempt "because we know that they, Hamas, are behind it," adding that assassinations are not new to Hamas, whose history is full of similar acts, warning that the attempt will not go without reaction.
Interestingly, Abbas brought down examples from Islamist Palestinian arabs in the 1930s and 1940s who killed other Arabs as proof.
Abbas said Hamas and US President Donald Trump are cooperating in destroying the Palestinian national project of independence because they want a state in Gaza.
Ah, yes, that pro-Hamas President Trump.

The funny thing is that J-Street and the loony Left will probably agree with this, since any accusation against Trump is assumed to be true.

He said the US supports the separation between the West Bank and Gaza because it does not want a Palestinian state. He said Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and cut aid to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, UNRWA, aim at destroying Palestinian aspirations for independence and statehood.
Obviously. Because a strong, independent state must allow many of its citizens to be in a separate social service program, have their kids educated in a separate school system, and allow them to live in separate areas with different rules and the inability to fully participate in national politics.

Abbas is delusional. He always has been. The amount of criticism of him in the West is minuscule compared to how insane his words are. And the only explanation for this is because the West is committed to the meme of blaming Israel for everything, first and foremost, in any story.

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  • Tuesday, March 20, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon
A Flemish geography book published a cartoon by noted anti-semite Carlos Latuff 

It shows a stereotypical, fat religious Jew enjoying Palestinian water while their own pipes run dry.

The geography textbook, Polaris GO!, attributes the cartoon to Amnesty International, although Amnesty has nothing to do with the cartoon. The textbook authors decided to attribute the cartoon to Amnesty in an apparent attempt to make it look like it was an official protest cartoon from that organization.

The book reaches many thousands of Flemish children.

Amnesty, when reached by a Jewish newspaper, denied anything to do with the cartoon.

The good news is that the publisher Plantyn  agreed to remove the cartoon from future editions of the textbook, although it will keep the misleading Amnesty quote that ."In the ...Israeli settlement of Sussia, whose very existence is unlawful under international law, the Israeli settlers have ample water supplies. They have a swimming pool and their lush irrigated vineyards, herb farms and lawns – verdant even at the height of the dry season – stand in stark contrast to the parched and arid Palestinian villages on their doorstep. "

Keeping the quote while eliminating the picture is still an example of bias in the textbook.

Here is a photo of the Yasser Arafat Museum in Ramallah. Note the lawn. Note the pool.

Of course, the "parched" Palestinians have lots of swimming pools too.

But Amnesty would never mention that. Only "settlers" have water, not Palestinians. That's the myth that Amnesty helps create and no anti-Israel schoolbook publisher will disagree.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

  • Monday, March 19, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon
From TOI:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas launched an unprecedentedly scathing attack Monday on US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, calling him a “son of a dog” and a “settler.”

Abbas, addressing the opening of a Palestinian leadership meeting, made the comments hours after Friedman criticized the PA on Twitter for failing to condemn a pair of terror attacks over the weekend.
This was not a slip of the tongue.  Abbas was counting on the controversy and it using it to shore up his popularity among Palestinians.

The Fatah Facebook page shows a poster of Friedman with the Arabic "son of a dog" and "settler" written on it - as a hashtag.

The Haaretz headline on the story is highlighted.

And at the exact same time, a poster of Abbas was published with the word "proud."

These were all posted in the middle of the night in Ramallah.

This was clearly a scheduled campaign to make Abbas look like he is strong for standing up to America. 

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From Ian:

Silencing History: U.S. University Publishers Shun Book “Ending the Deir Yassin Myth”
Anti-Israel faculty reviewers worry the book will undermine the Palestinian narrative

Why have American academic presses rejected a book manuscript by Dr. Eliezer Tauber, a former dean and highly-regarded Israeli history professor at Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Middle Eastern Studies?

Tauber is an award-winning and prolific expert on the early phases of the Arab-Israeli conflict. By all accounts, his latest book about the April 9, 1948 battle in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin has “many strengths” and provides the most comprehensive investigation to date of what was both a seminal event in Israel’s War of Independence and in the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem.

A book of this caliber and importance should really be of great interest to American publishers.

But so far—after three years of trying to convince an American university press to publish his book—none have agreed to give Tauber a contract for the English-language version of Deir Yassin: The End of a Myth.

Academic publishing is a tough business, and even first-rate manuscripts can be passed over if the scholarship isn’t a perfect fit for a publisher’s list or on account of a bottleneck in the pipeline—which isn’t uncommon for elite presses.

But something else, very damaging to academia, is going on here.

That’s because the U.S. university presses which Tauber approached reportedly rejected his book on the say-so of anti-Israel faculty reviewers and members of their editorial boards. Apparently, these faculty are worried that Deir Yassin: The End of a Myth could upend the way a lot of American and English-language readers assess the Palestinian narrative of 1948, so they’re advising acquisition editors not to adopt it.

If that’s true, then it’s a scandal of mega proportions.

Basically, it would be another indication that the virulently anti-Israel perspective which currently dominates in many disciplines in the Humanities and soft Social Sciences, especially Middle Eastern Studies, is truly having a corrosive impact on American higher education by undermining viewpoint diversity and hindering the growth of knowledge. (h/t MtTB)
NGO Monitor: Using UNICEF Funds, B’Tselem Recycles Distortions on Military Justice
In response to “Minors in Jeopardy,” a publication released today by B’Tselem, NGO Monitor issued the following statement:

B’Tselem’s report was funded by UNICEF, and is part of a broader political advocacy campaign to falsely accuse the IDF of violating the rights of Palestinian minors, with the goal of imposing sanctions against Israel. B’Tselem recycles allegations from NGOs such as Defense for Children International-Palestine that have ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization, designated as such by the US, EU, Canada, and Israel.

Other than an appendix of four anecdotal “testimonies,” B’Tselem does not contribute anything substantive that has not been previously published. NGO Monitor’s analyses of the previous reports used by B’Tselem shows that they are replete with numerous false and misleading claims about the IDF and Israeli Military Courts, and repeat allegations without verification or meaningful statistical analysis.

The timing of the report’s release coincides with B’Tselem’s and other NGOs’ celebration of Ahed Tamimi, reflecting how the NGOs exploit children’s rights to demonize Israel instead of protecting children.
IsraellyCool: SodaStream’s Brilliant Move To Counter BDS Vandals
The following photo of a sticker affixed to the box of a SodaStream was posted on Reddit.

I think this is a brilliant move, considering how many times we have seen BDS-holes affixing their own boycott stickers to Israeli products.

In fact, I would suggest other Israeli businesses follow suit – I am sure Sodastream is not the only one employing Arabs.

  • Monday, March 19, 2018
  • Elder of Ziyon

Gaza airport employees held a protest recently protesting the PA's decision to force them into early retirement.

Which means that they have been getting salaries for the past 18 years even though the airport doesn't exist.

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I’m quite sure that there are many people who think Max Blumenthal doesn’t have much of a reputation to lose, but he still seems to feel otherwise. So he reacted with great fury a few days ago when he found out that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – which claims to fight “hate and bigotry” – had published an analysis on “how fascists operationalize left-wing resentment.” The piece provided lots of interesting material on “red-brown populist collaboration” and featured Blumenthal as an example of a supposedly left-wing activist who happily collaborates with media outlets and individuals promoting a far-right agenda.
Before most people had a chance to read the piece, Blumenthal managed to bully the SPLC into taking it down – though luckily someone was even quicker than Blumenthal and archived it before it disappeared. Why the SPLC caved so promptly is a bit of a mystery (- some clues later -), because all claims and conclusions in the analysis are meticulously supported by links.
Take for example the part that deals with Sputnik: it’s a media site that “has widely been described as a Russian propaganda outlet,” and Max Blumenthal has repeatedly collaborated with them to promote ideas that fit Sputnik’s agenda.

The SPLC’s retracted piece mentioned Sputnik podcast “Loud & Clear, noting:
Aside from marginal guests, Loud & Clear can bring on some heavy hitters. During his two appearances on Loud & Clear in late 2017, bestselling author Max Blumenthal called the red-brown radio show the finest public affairs programming’ and declared, ‘I am increasingly turning to RT America [Russian government-funded propaganda channel] for sanity.’
Presumably, Blumenthal won’t dispute that he made these statements – which truly speak for themselves and reveal a lot about what he regards as “sanity”…
But one can’t deny that Max-Blumenthal-style “sanity” has its rewards: the lawyer who threatened the SPLC on Blumenthal’s behalf apparently did so pro bono, charging only a nominal fee of $20; and it just so happens that he isa former Sputnik editor who previously represented ‘alt-right’ star Cassandra Fairbanks, who also worked at Sputnik. One could indeed almost be tempted to conclude that “Russian state media promotes Red-Brown alliances.
It is then hardly surprising that a recent Sputnik piece on SPLC’s craven retraction celebrates Max Blumenthal as a “prominent journalist and author (and strident critic of the West)” who can’t possibly be tainted in any way by his admirers on the far-right.
Well, let’s recall just a few of the relevant examples I documented a few years ago:
Back in 2010, Max Blumenthal attracted some heartfelt praise on Stormfront for his efforts to demonize Israel and Jews: “Max Blumenthal has done a great service for all of humanity here, and we WNS [i.e. white nationalists], and the rest of the world, ought to be grateful to him.”

A few years later, when his vile anti-Israel screed “Goliath” was published, Blumenthal got some well-deserved praise on David Duke’s website: “Blumenthal’s recent book and much of his other work have been extremely valuable. You can check out archived copies of some of the relevant posts here and here.
But when Blumenthal won plaudits from the far-right for demonizing the world’s only Jewish state, many of the people who are now so appalled by his apologetics for Putin’s Russia could see nothing wrong and were very happy to cheer him on. That includes the SPLC: as Blumenthal gleefully pointed out on Twitter, the organization had mounted an ardent defense of him in 2014 after it emerged that the far-right perpetrator of a deadly attack on a Jewish community center was an admirer of Blumenthal’s work. The SPLC passionately denounced attempts by leading conservatives to blame liberals for the massacre,” noting: “Specifically, they pinned the blame on a single liberal journalist, Max Blumenthal, because Miller [the far-right perpetrator] on a handful of occasions praised Blumenthal’s against-the-grain reporting on the right wing in Israel.
So while the SPLC claims to fight “hate and bigotry, they apparently also think that it’s part of their mission to whitewash a book that demonizes the world’s only Jewish state as the Nazi Germany of our time as “against-the-grain reporting on the right wing in Israel
The SPLC also asserted that “Blumenthal is of Jewish descent and has spent years off and on in Israel,” and that he “does not ‘despise Israel” and merely “has written a number of articles that criticize Israeli policies.”
That was written on April 18, 2014. A few months earlier, the Simon Wiesenthal Center had published its 2013 list of the “Top 10 Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Slurs” and included Blumenthal in the category “The Power of the Poison Pen.” As I also documented at the time, during his book tour for “Goliath” in fall 2013, Blumenthal had discussed the urgent moral imperative to eliminate the world’s only Jewish state and had advocated a “Juden raus” policy for Israeli Jews who wouldn’t willingly “become indigenized” by accepting Arab-Muslim dominance in political, cultural and social terms.
Since the SPLC had no problem whitewashing Blumenthal’s agenda four years ago, it’s understandable that they now decided that it was a regrettable slip to expose his unsavory views and the fact that he has quite a few admirers on the far-right.
It is of course true that it can happen to every writer that people whose views one might find deplorable will pick up on one’s writings. But in Blumenthal’s case, it’s not an occasional article that was picked up by people on the fringes and put to unintended use. If you get complimented on David Duke’s site that your “recent book and much of” your “other work have been extremely valuable, and if similar praise is heaped on you on quite a few similar sites, it’s plainly well-deserved praise.
 But the SPLC’s defense of Blumenthal in 2014 is also noteworthy for another reason: while I agree that the fact that a far-right terrorist had cited Blumenthal approvingly “on a handful of occasions” does not mean Blumenthal inspired his deadly attack, Blumenthal himself had claimed in 2011 that American writers cited by the Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik were “Right-Wing Hatemongers Who Inspired the Norway Killer.” So the people who tried a few years later to tar Blumenthal with the deadly attack perpetrated by his fan merely sank to Blumenthal’s own level.
Indeed, in another related piece, Blumenthal described Breivik as “a perfect product of the Axis of Islamophobia” and again emphasized that Breivik’s “writings contain the same themes and language as more prominent right-wing Islamophobes (or those who style themselves as “counter-Jihadists”) and many conservatives in general.” Needless to say, Israel loomed large in Blumenthal’s musings about Breivik – as he put it on the notorious “hate siteMondoweiss, people like the Norwegian mass murderer “turn for inspiration to Israel, the only ethnocracy in the world.”
Well, guess what? These were ideas that appealed to Stormfront proprietor Don Black. In April 2014, he penned a post responding to allegations by the SPLC that Breivik and other far-right terrorist killers had been members of his forum. As Black confidently explained:
“Breivik’s murderous rampage was actually inspired by Zionist extremists. As Jewish peace advocate Max Blumenthal has documented, Breivik fell under the influence of Zionists Daniel Pipes, Pam Geller and Robert Spencer. So he attacked a youth group that had demanded disinvestment from Israel.

It’s of course just a coincidence, but it still is a great illustration of the absurdity of the SPLC’s defense of Max Blumenthal: Black published his Stormfront post on April 17, 2014 – praising Max Blumenthal as a “Jewish peace advocate” and trying to use his writings on Breivik against the SPLC, while the SPLC published its post defending Max Blumenthal against the kind of smears he had spread in the wake of Breivik’s murderous rampage one day later, on April 18, 2014.
Well, if you have so dedicated supporters from the far-right all the way to the progressive left…

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

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